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Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD provides patients with Education, Encouragement, and Accountability. We provide our patients with the educational resources needed to lose weight safely, encouragement along the journey to a new you, and accountability through weekly meetings reviewing progress and weight loss goals.

Dr. Gregory Eaves is a cardiologist and opened Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD in September of 2013. "Throughout my career, I have seen the end results of obesity through heart attacks and many other health issues so I wanted to stop these problems before patients get to that point." Dr. Eaves's new practice encourages its patients to pursue a healthier lifestyle rather than going on a short-term diet. His practice helps to modify negative behaviors and promote wellness through healthy dietary choices and exercise programs.

The goal at Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD is to help our patients lose weight safely. We encourage patients to discontinue the use of weight loss medications. Instead, we encourage them to make lifestyle changes that allow them to live healthier and make wiser food choices. Our programs provide an initial consultation, custom dietary plans, nutritional instruction and dietary guidance, weekly visits with the doctor or physician's assistant to build accountability and to encourage patient progress.

At Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD, we want to work side by side with your primary care physician to help minimize cardiovascular risk and other complications that coincide with obesity, save you money on doctor's visits, and help you successfully lose and maintain weight lost.

*Results shown are not typical. The majority of patients following our medically-guided program will lose 1-2 lbs per week.*

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