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Tony Baughman

"Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss has made a tremendous impact on my life already, and we're just getting started. Dr. Eaves and his staff are compassionate, caring and supremely professional. The nutrition program Dr. Eaves prescribed is incredibly simple to follow and keeps so many delicious opportunities open for my daily nutritional intake. The program is built on a firm foundation of education and accountability; at the same time, the staff is personally engaged in my progress, and I feel so much enthusiasm and encouragement from all of them when I come in for my weigh-ins. It feels like we're all on the same team, cheering for the same success. I would highly recommend Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss to anyone who wants to make real and lasting change in their lives."*

James “Red” Roberts

"I got to 217 pounds, and I was borderline diabetic. Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss MD motivated me highly to try the diet, and the success has been phenomenal. I got down to 183.5 pounds in 12 weeks through the diet and cardiovascular exercises they recommended. The first few days weren’t easy, but after that, it was very easy. I met all my weight loss goals easily. I was spending over $300 a month on blood pressure medications. I am now off of all medications, and I feel better about myself. The staff is caring and compassionate, and the diet works. They follow up with you to make sure you are okay. It has motivated me to continue working out and eating right, and I like the guy I see now. Dr. Eaves and Palmetto Wellness & Weight Loss saved my life by motivating me to make a change."*

Brian Brazier

"If you are looking for a life changing alternative to wellness & weight loss, I highly recommend you check out Dr. Greg Eaves and his wonderful staff at Palmetto Wellness and Weight Loss. It will change your life & just possibly save your life. 'Don't quit because you failed once. Keep pushing on. Every time you overcome an obstacle you become stronger.'"*

*Results shown are not typical. The majority of patients following our medically-guided program will lose 1-2 lbs per week.*

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